ETKA 7.3/7.4/7.5 (1139) International 10.2016

ETKA 7.3/7.4/7.5 (1139) International 10.2016

Today I installed the program ETKA. Installation is simple and well described in the instructions. Post the manual in the original.

The computer must be installed Microsoft .NET Framework and especially this version of Microsoft Visual C++ 2005-2008-2010-2012-2013-2015 Redistributable Package Hybrid [32-64]

In the folder, the Break vin online reference services.

At the time of release integrated latest updates and installed base price, and regional settings for Russia.

Attention! Unpacking goes a long way, especially for base of wine, it may seem that the computer froze, just be sure during installation disable antivirus.
Etka default is set to C:\ drive, if you put in another disk, it is necessary after installation to replace the files for your disk in the folder “INI files” in the shortcut, change the path from drive C:\ with the letter of your disk as the root disk folder is created Windows\System\LexHdl5.dll we need to move to disk C:\

Installation on Windows XP x32
1.If there is old version Etki, then be sure to remove it.
2.Run the install file ETKA.exe folder ETKA International, the path of extraction point to C:\, that is, unpack the archive to the root directory of drive C:\, all paths are already written, if asks to replace files, click Yes.
3.Copy the shortcut from the folder “Shortcut to desktop”, respectively, at the Desk.
4.From the folder x32 install hardlock.exe from ACC. folder, then folder MULTIKEY32 start 0000750A.reg and then install.cmd shall not be issued in error and needs to install the driver, reboot the computer.
5.Updated price for the version of International database updates for Etki, disabling mandatory upgrades, switching versions and disabling of warnings about the graphics files in 7.3 is done with the help of algeni loader from startup with a shortcut. In the folder c:\ETKA\Updater\Help\ instructions for setting it up. New bootloader version can be downloaded from
6.In the folder c:\ETKA\RosyVisionControl run 2 file registerControl.bat and registerControl .Net v4.0.bat
7.Now for those who want to install for 7.3 database and those responsible for 7.3 and 7.4 Tnrpics pictures from the appropriate folders, the path of extraction point as usual C:\

Installation on Windows 7,8,10 x64
1.The installation is similar to installation on Windows XP x32 ,Hardlock and only a Cartoon put in the x64 folder ,in the same manual.

Installation on Windows 7,8,10 x32
1.The installation is similar to installation on Windows XP x32, Hardlock and only a Cartoon put x32 folder, there manual.

Installation on Windows XP x64
1.The installation is similar to installation on Windows XP x32, Hardlock and only a Cartoon put in the x64 folder.

Folder Printing
If the climb “unreadable characters” run the file Encoding font ETKA to print.reg
If there is an error printing, then replace the folder Formular from each brand for your version

A few tips
1.Etka 7.3 default is configured to break vinova disk, nothing in the settings should not be changed.
2.It is recommended to avoid the brakes to transfer the hard drives in AHCI mode.
3.New i pre-checking the read-only attribute, put into a folder c:\ETKA\USERDATA\FGST in the folder itself not to enter, otherwise there will be terrible brakes.
4.Screening for the guilt only works on those machines against the year which is the green circle.
5.On other machines there is a selection for PR-codes from the information punched in the wine.
6.The guilt of fighting in 1993, Skoda 1999, and the seat since 1995.
7.Who gets the error “error AA” when you try to install updates from the Library folder and copy the file LexHdl5.dll in the windows\system folder

Download ETKA 7.3/7.4/7.5


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