TecDoc DVD Catalog 4Q.2017 Full install

TecDoc DVD Catalog 4Q.2017 Full install

This guide will help you to install the TecDoc DVD Catalog 4Q 2017 Full software on your computer correctly.

Description I took on the Internet:

TecDoc is a universal catalog of auto parts with a tree of auto parts search by car models, taking into account their various modifications and configuration. Does not require knowledge of VIN. It is possible to search by commodity groups of auto parts and Assembly units. Searches for car parts on any article according to original numbers and the numbers of producers are not the original.

Treatment is not required (the installer has already been treated).

System requirements:

The minimum required OS version is Windows 7 SP1.
Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.2 is also required for normal operation.
Installed on the customer’s laptop, so far only a description of the installation process in text form.

I will try to take photos of the installation process and complete this manual in the near future.

Download TecDoc DVD Catalog 4Q.2017 Full you can follow magnet link:


During installation, you must disable anti-virus SOFTWARE and firewall.

To install TecDoc DVD Catalog, you need to perform a few simple operations:
1. Insert DVD 1 into the drive and start it.
2. The language selection window appears. Select the language you want and click OK.
3. The installer window opens.
4. In the window that appears, click “Next”.
5. In the window of installation option selection you should choose the full one (with pictures). By clicking on the “Search” button, you can choose a different installation location. Having made your choice, click “Next”.
6. In the select country window to display prices, you can select a region, or “not set” to refuse to display prices. After making your choice, click “Next”.
7. After reviewing the warranty terms, click Accept.
8. In the next window, you can examine the settings you have set before you start the installation. After checking the settings, click “Next”.
9. The installation of TecDoc DVD Catalog on your computer will begin.
10. The files will be copied to your computer.
11. When the installer copies the files from the first disk, it will ask you to insert disk 2. Remove DVD 1 from the drive and replace it with DVD 2. Click “OK”.
12. When the installer copies the files from the second disk, it will ask you to insert disk 3. Remove the DVD 2 from the drive and replace it with the DVD 3 disc. Click “OK”.
13. When the installer copies the files from the third disk, it will ask you to insert disk 4. Remove disc “DVD 3” from drive a and insert in its place the disk “DVD 4”. Click “OK”.
14. When the installer finishes, you will be prompted to run TecDoc DVD Catalog. click finish.

Well, that’s it, the installation is complete.
Leave your comments, share your experience.


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