TecDoc DVD Catalog 1Q.2018 Full

TecDoc DVD Catalog 1Q.2018 Full

I recently wrote about the installation process of TecDoc DVD Catalog 4Q.2017 Full.

In addition, I told that my regular customer asked me to update a number of programs. One of the programs is just a TecDoc program.

I found and downloaded a new version of TecDoc DVD Catalog 1Q.2018 Full and thought that by running the installation of the new version will quietly update, but during the installation there were a lot of errors and it was decided to remove the completely old version of TecDoc DVD Catalog 4Q.2017 Full and only then install TecDoc DVD Catalog 1Q.2018 Full.

Though the instructions and written:

If you have version 4Q installed.2017 you can download only the first disk and the folder with the patch, update the program in the disk installer and perform the treatment procedure.

I didn’t do it that way.

Therefore, I recommend to uninstall the old version and install the new one according to instructions from the version of the Catalog TecDoc DVD 4Q.2017 Full.

Treatment process:

Be cured by running the file TecDocCatalogue_Patch_2018.01.1 and then copy the files from folder Cracked in TD\Program\ (with replacement)

After that, the program worked for me.

The program itself you can download here:





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