Volvo VIDA stopped starting in 2018

Volvo VIDA stopped starting in 2018

With the advent of 2018, VIDA users have encountered an error at startup: Can’t Log in.

Therefore, when you start VIDA 2014D and try to log on, an error occurs.

To fix the error you need to apply this patch download.

Run the Patch file.
Then wait until the icon turns green.

Volvo VIDA stopped starting in 2018

All, VIDA is working again.

Fixed version of the patch from 02.02.2018:
– the end date of the subscription is changed to 31.12.2050.
– universal for x86 and x64.

– extract from the archive folder VIDA2014D_patch_2050 (in any place).
– run from the VIDA2014D_patch_2050 Patch folder.cmd (confirm administrator privileges in the pop-up window, if the UAK is disconnected query window will not).
– after the CMD window closes, wait for the Vida Monitor (green arrow on the tray icon) to load.
– try to log in to VIDA.

– do not need to run from the archive, unpack (to any place in the \VIDA folder is not necessary).
– VIDA Monitor unload (if running) is not necessary, the patch itself unloads it and runs after.
from administrator to run is not necessary, in patch embedded request administrator rights if UAK is disabled – query window will not, the patch will continue without prompting.
– who is two or more interface languages, the patch will reset the language to English, after switch to the desired new.
– the patch was tested on VIDA 2014D, but there are positive reviews about its work on other versions.

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